Compton & Green was conceived by Thomas Duncan Compton and Edgar Charles Green back in the 1920’s.

The founding partners established their new company just before a time of great economic upheaval for the world with the Wall Street Crash and subsequent Depression. But despite difficult conditions, the business survived, even through the trials of the World War II. After the war, following active service in the RAAF, Edgar`s son Jack continued the family tradition, joining the business in 1946.

Compton & Green manages one of the largest rental portfolios in the area and boasts an enviable record of sales success in both residential and commercial property.

A long-standing business, whose longevity is founded on core principles of boundless enthusiasm, rigorous honesty, and complete professionalism, Compton & Green are proudly part of the very fabric of our local area.

Today Compton & Green have two Directors Adrian Butera and Brad Carlin-Smith. Compton & Green boast 2 offices, one in Williamstown the other Yarraville, and take pride in being the largest independent real estate agency in the inner west.

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